Why you should buy your next home with a local developer

When you are looking to buy a pre-construction home you may be considering working with a local developer. Here are the benefits of working with a developer that is local to the location you want to purchase in.

As a local development company ourselves, we know the importance of building a home not just a house. It’s not just about the dollars & cents, we think about the details and benefits of every aspect of our homes; from the areas that we choose to develop, to the ways that we can work with the natural landscape to create eco-friendly neighborhoods. It is our mission to create communities that not only are beneficial to the environment and the local wildlife but a place that will be great for many future generations.

When you purchase with a local developer you can be assured that they are in tune which local issues and strive to create solutions within that. For example, with our Swan Lake community, we understood that the bat community was struggling. We made it part of that community’s foundation to create safe boxes for bats that would promote the ecosystem and protect their lives. When we set out to build a community, we do more than build on top of the land, we incorporate our homes into what already exists and build around that to create a better environment.

Customization! As homeowners and as a family company, we understand that sometimes a house may need a few adjustments to better fit your needs and turn it from a house into your dream home. That’s why at Digreen Homes, we offer an abundance of upgrades that can better suit individual families’ needs. We build more than cookie-cutter standard houses. We put our heart into developing our projects, we go above and beyond to create well-rounded homes and efficient commercial developments. Our homes have built-in upgrades to give our clients luxurious homes right from the start. We think about our clients and build homes with all the bells and whistles.

We push it forward! When you buy with a local developer like Digreen Homes, you can be assured that you are supporting the local economy. We employ 100’s of people to work in the office and as contractors to build our home and support the foundation of our company. We take it a step further, upon occupancy we love delivering a gift basket to congratulate the new owners, in each gift basket are goods from local businesses that we love and hope that the new owners will love too!

Lastly! As a family-owned local developer, we are close to our projects, and we strive to have strong relationships with all our purchasers allowing for the lines of communication to easily flow.