Up and Coming Residential Cities in Ontario

Up and Coming Residential Cities in Ontario.


Oakville is an up-and-coming city. In previous years it was more known as a retirement city for an older generation that was a more quiet and slower pace. The City of Oakville however, has continued to develop and has attracted younger families to migrate to the area. With more people comes more opportunities, it’s been noted in recent stats, that the employment rate is climbing in Oakville. If that’s not enough, Oakville is located on the lakefront which gives the town a beautiful landscape.


Brampton offers a great balance between outdoor family life and an urbanized entertainment lifestyle. With a mix of high-end restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment centers, there’s a long list of activities to keep single individuals as well as families busy. Brampton is a great hub as it’s very accessible to highways allowing easy travel to other great nearby cities. This bustling city is ideal for those wanting to live near the action.


Vaughan continues to be a great up-and-coming city to live in. With its proximity being so close to Toronto this city allows for easy access to downtown Toronto activities, it even has access to the TTC subway system. You can also find many great family-oriented activities without leaving Vaughan, such as Canada’s Wonderland, Lego Discovery Centre, and the Vaughan Mills shopping center. Vaughan has been developing for some time. As a result, it has many resources that are great for families as well as many employment opportunities.


Caledon is known for its spectacular landscapes and is known to be one of Ontario’s safest cities to live in. In addition to amazing outdoor views, and the peace of mind of a low crime rate, this city is quickly becoming a great city to invest in. Reports are stating that Caledon was ranked the 22nd richest community in Canada. This city is perfect for first-time homeowners who may want to start a family or invest in their future with real estate ownership.


There are a wide variety of reasons to live in Barrie. From beautiful landscapes that overlook Lake Simcoe to vibrant city life. The luxurious town of Barrie is not only great in the summer but also is a fantastic destination for many in the winter attracting more tourism and excitement all year round. Barrie also boasts highly rated schools with lots of extracurricular outdoor activities available. Barrie is situated in a fantastic location making it accessible to travel to Toronto or other local towns. With two Go transit systems, you can be in the center of Toronto in 90 minutes.


In 2022 we will have some very new and exciting projects coming up. We are  on different steps for each project that we will be working on in 2022 and we can’t wait!

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