January 2021

We wish you a happy and safe new year! We are excited to see what 2021 holds for the Digreen Family!

February 2021

8 ways to enjoy your outdoor space all year round. Bring the cozy outdoors

March 2021

As we welcome Spring, we give you some tips to celebrate by being kinder to the environment.

April 2021

In April, we give you the best tips for saving up for your First Home!

May 2021


Our Grand Opening was a massive success! Read our article in case you missed it!

June 2021

Mortgage Rates could be going up in Canada, learn about the current data and upcoming changes.

July  2021

Our Caledon Construction has begun! We are so excited to begin work on the Constellations in Caledon and Stowmarket Springs Communities! 

August  2021

House prices are going up in Canada. With the largest growths and price increases even in small towns. 

September 2021

Enjoy the last days of summer with these Top 10 activities in Ontario. Say farewell with friends and families exploring the outdoors. 

October  2021

Design your home with eco-friendly sustainable furniture. Check out our guide to see our top 6 environmental home decor retailers. 

November  2021

Location, Location, Location is a #1 selling point for a home, but how do you shop location when the house has yet to be built? Check out our guide for some helpful tips!

December  2021

With the holiday season well on its way, we wanted to bring you a guide for the most festive events that you absolutely cannot miss out on!