How to Spice Up the Backyard Cookout

Summer is here and with the Covid-19 restrictions finally lifting, backyard cookouts and small gathering hosting can resume!

Check out our top 5 recipes for an awesome BBQ this weekend!

Recipe #1

Miso Apple Slaw Turkey Burgers

If you are looking for some healthier options for your typical backyard burgers, try out this unique turkey burger recipe with fresh apples. 

Serves 8

Click here for the full recipe 

Recipe # 2

Spicy Watermelon Margaritas 

Pair the juicy hamburgers with a spicy yet refreshing cocktail! Try these Spicy Watermelon Margaritas for you and your friends!

Pitcher Serves 6 

Check out the recipe here 

Recipe #  3

Grilled Peaches & Goat Cheese Salad!

This salad is scrumptious and filled with so many flavours! Make this at your next barbecue and wow your guests! 

Makes 4 

Check out the recipe here

Recipe # 4 

Espresso Steak Recipe 

This recipe plays with rich and roasted flavours. Pair with a caprese salad. Check out the recipe for the Espresso Steak and Caprese Salad Here

Recipe #  5 

Cauliflower Steak 

This next barbecue recipe is Vegetarian Friendly and is super tasty! Grilled Cauliflower Steak is a game changer! Make this dish as an alternative to meat.

Check out the recipe here.