How to get your home Summer-Ready 

How to get your home Summer-Ready

As the weather gets warmer it can be nice to give your home a fresh outlook. We believe that your home should be a paradise in itself, especially with Ontario’s current restrictions that limit travel to cottages and second properties. Check out our tips for giving your home a modern cottage feel that gives you all the cozy vibes this summer.

Tip # 1

Clean up the yards from any debris leftover from the winter months. Give the deck, porch, windows, outdoor furniture, etc. a nice scrub to wash away winter filth and brighten up your exterior space.

Tip # 2

Put away anything that was necessary for winter, such as salt-stained shoe mats & winter patio covers. If you haven’t taken down your Christmas lights now is definitely the time to take them down.

Tip # 3

Repair any damage that may have occurred over the winter months due to changes in temperature and moisture. Check if the deck requires retaining or resealing.

Tip # 4

Switch up your accent pieces. Bring in light and bright colors to your living room. If you are going for a cottage feel try decorating with some linen pillows, wicker, even burlap or jute. Bring in a new accent rug that matches the mood.

Pro Tip – Decorate Vases with a jute of unique ribbon and pop in some bright flowers like tulips or mums and place in the kitchen and living room spaces.

Tip # 5

Store away any heavy materials such as thick comforters, thick blankets and replace them with lighter versions.

Tip # 6

Declutter your closets, cabinets, fridge, and freezer. Pack away your winter clothes and jackets and make room for your summer attire. Throw out expired food and anything that’s been in your freezer for way too long. This will make your space feel super airy. The idea is to prepare your home as if you were going to rent it out to someone else.

Organized Summer Wardrobe

Tip # 7

Be environmentally conscious. Check out your HVAC and have filters replaced and cleaned to allow easy airflow without excess use. Ensure all window trimmings are sealed and correct gaps with caulking to keep air conditioning from escaping your home.  Add insulation to your attic.