What Makes DiGreen Green

DiGreen Homes is committed to building energy efficient homes that can reduce monthly cost for

homeowners while lowering environmental impact on the earth we share.

At DiGreen Homes we take many steps when building our homes to ensure we are delivering top quality homes

that are energy conscious, built with integrity and are environmentally friendly.


We pride ourselves on searching out the latest techniques and products that can create superior homes which

save our home owners money and reduce our impact on the environment.


DiGreen Homes tried materials, fixtures and products that are competitively priced

allowed us to deliver great quality while providing the best value on the market for our customers.

Our Environmental Highlights


We install top grade Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems that work to

reduce the heating and cooling demands of any home or building.


We love greenery so much so that our DiGreen Communities consistently have more
planted trees and green spaces, than what is required by city regulations.

We protect our wild ecosystem. An example of this is our Greensborough Community,

which is home to some endangered bird species. Through our involvement we were able to

build bird safety boxes that would help the endangered wildlife living in that community. We implemented the same

concept in our Swan Park community, to preserve the life of the bats in the community, which in turn assist the ecosystem.


We use environmentally conscious suppliers that have similar missions and models as our business.


We use engineered lumber in our homes, which helps reuse discarded lumber and  creates

less waste for our landfills, which advertently reduces the overall amount of trees that would

traditionally be required to build a community of our size.


We use treated windows that prevent heat from leaving a room

and cold air from entering a room. Our treated windows cut down on energy consumption

which is beneficial for the environment and saves money for the homeowners.


We take it to the next step by ensuring small details in our homes are energy efficient.


When you buy a home with DiGreen Homes, you can be assured that

we use the Best Practices out there enabling low developmental impact.